Schistosoma mansoni lncRNAs Database

This site contains the web resource described in the paper "Atlas of Schistosoma mansoni long non-coding RNAs and their expression correlation to protein-coding genes" (2018) by Elton J. R. Vasconcelos, Vinícius C. Mesel, Lucas F. daSilva, David S. Pires, Guilherme M. Lavezzo, Adriana S. A. Pereira, Murilo S. Amaral and Sergio Verjovski-Almeida, Database, Volume 2018: bay068,

Based on data from Vasconcelos, EJR et al., The Schistosoma mansoni genome encodes thousands of long noncoding RNAs predicted to be functional at different parasite life-cycle stages. Scientific Reports 7: 10508, 2017.

Smp_029930.1 Data

Fig. 6A for with r ≥ 0.8 or r ≤ -0.8.

Expression Fold Change Data [log2(FC)] - Download data

Gene ID Cerc 3S 24S Male Female
SmLINC02039-IBu 0 -3.01 -8.41 -3.05 -3.36
SmLINC02888-IBu 0 -1.98 -4.28 -4.50 -5.76
SmLINC06892-IBu 0 -2.10 -3.44 -12.52 -12.52
Smp_029930.1 0 -2.45 -5.79 -4.41 -2.49

Pearson Correlation Coefficient Data - Download data

Compared Gene Gene Pearson Correlation Value p-value B.-H. adjusted p-value
Smp_029930.1 SmLINC02039-IBu 0.82 1.00e-04 1.80e-03
Smp_029930.1 SmLINC02888-IBu 0.81 2.00e-04 2.60e-03
Smp_029930.1 SmLINC06892-IBu 0.85 5.27e-05 8.00e-04